Introduction to Entrepreneurship with LeaderKids

We truly love what we do!

We had the pleasure of introducing 40+ Fort Worth ISD 8th graders to entrepreneurship on December 9, 2014. All of the students are in the LeaderKids program from Leadership Fort Worth and were very impressive. We definitely asked a lot of them with the activity we prepared.

Middle School entreprenuers

Kicking things off with a visioning exercise.


Activity: Business Model Canvas

Groups take a business idea and flesh it out to create a model of how the pieces would fit together and operate. The groups then present to each other on what they created.

Activity Flow:

  • Introduction, goals, and details. Pick the business ideas! – 15 minutes
  • Break up into two groups – 5 minutes
  • Business Model Canvas activity with coach – 80 minutes
  • Come back together in a full group – 5 minutes
  • Share/Present about the business models created – 10 minutes
  • Questions – 5 minutes


  • Hayden Blackburn, Director, IDEA Works FW
  • Bruce Raben, Owner, ADvice
LeaderKids in the DIT LAb

LeaderKids wrapping up and hearing words of wisdom from the IDEA Works FW staff.


We tasked the two groups with going through the business model canvas for a business idea of their choosing and present the model within 2 hours! The business ideas they explored were cardboard playhouses and a business planning app. Proud o report both groups succeeded and knocked it out of the park with their ideas, questions, and energy.

The LeaderKids organizers and TCU mentors aided as we went through the full canvas and connected the dots for their businesses. What we were all able to do in this activity was a great sign for the creativity and openness to innovation of our future leaders.

This was a highlight for our week for sure. We hope to introduce entrepreneurship to more middle school students in the years to come as we firmly believe in the power of collaborative visioning and strategic planning. Big thank you to all of the students and the hard work they put into the activity. We had a blast!

Business Model Canvas completed

Completed business model for Cardboard Playhouses



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