Favorite Moments from Startup Weekend Fort Worth 2015

It’s hard to mention just one favorite moment from Startup Weekend Fort Worth 2015, so instead, we decided to share a few of them. With a total of 23 business ideas pitched, 9 teams formed, 54 hours of work, lots of caffeine consumed and numerous friendships and business partnerships made, it is easy to see the success that was accomplished over the weekend.

The magic never would have been possible without all the support from the amazing team of volunteers, organizers and sponsors. Oh, and let’s not forget the rock star facilitator, Alexis Nyugen! Below are a few moments that truly stood out for the IDEA Works team. Enjoy!


Keynote Speaker

  • There is no denying it, Doug Renfro knows how to woo a crowd, and who doesn’t love to hear about entrepreneurial success, especially when it is from our own backyard, Fort Worth! Doug gave some truly educational insight on starting a business and running one to a crowded room of startup enthusiasts. Not to mention, he brought 60 cans of salsa and queso to snack on. :)

Doug Renfro

New Faces

  • Nothing makes us happier than when we see new faces coming into IDEA Works, and there were a lot of new ones for Startup Weekend. We had folks from all over North Texas converging on IDEA Works to pitch their ideas.

Opening night

Half Baked Exercise

  • Sounds odd right?! The half baked exercise is a great ice breaker and makes for some hilarious business concepts. Five minutes to come up with a business name and concept based off of two completely random words, what could go wrong?



  • Did anyone else happen to notice how many awesome ideas were pitched? Fifty percent of those who registered pitched an idea. Talk about numbers we like to see! The creativity was spreading like wildfire and we were loving it.



  • It was a voting madhouse with people selling their ideas and voters narrowing down their top three favorites. Those post it notes that everyone was slapping on the walls (#votingmethod) were like gold.


Sticky notes

  • There’s nothing like walking around and seeing nine different teams brainstorming, outlining, planning and making to-do lists with the ever so versatile sticky note. Productivity at its finest right there!

Sticky Notes

Saturday Team Check-In

  • Breakfast tacos galore and plenty of coffee to get the teams ready for day two of startup building. And side note, we had 50 plus people sing happy birthday to IDEA Works FW Director, Hayden Blackburn – we’ll go ahead and say it, winning!


Permanent Marker Hacks

  • What’s a Startup Weekend without a little surprise like permanent marker accidentally being used on the whiteboard wall instead of dry-erase markers? No problemo, we just happened to learn a pretty sweet little hack like going over the sharpie writing with a dry erase marker, waiting a couple of minutes before erasing, and voila, it’s gone!

SW Facilitator

Final Presentations at Texas A&M University School of Law

  • Quite possibly the high point of the weekend, seeing the final presentations for each of the nine companies. What a wonderful job they all did creating their demos and prototypes in such a short amount of time! Big shout-out to the 1st place winner, Bunkclub.com, 2nd place winner, and Coaches Pick, Nimble and 3rd place winner, WOMster, may the startup journey be ever in your favor.


Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Startup Weekend Fort Worth winner on Global Startup Battle!

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