Entrepreneurial Journey with Brad Smith

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Bradley Smith

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Brad Smith, Partner, Vertess


1. When did you first identify as an entrepreneur? What was the venture?

Middle school. I started a lawn business and built it up to around 40 clients before selling it to a competitor.

2. What lessons learned from past experiences have helped shape your business today?

A lot, don’t be afraid to fail. Hard work is easy, working smart is harder.

3. What inspired you to start this business?

I realized I could do it better than who I was working for.

4. How has your personal journey as a business owner helped you relate to other entrepreneurs?

There’s a sense of understanding and shared vision that most entrepreneurs have, it helps form a strong community of supporters.


5. What advice can you share for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Always, always, believe in yourself. If you have something that you enjoy doing take the risk and make it a business.

6. What are some tools that you use regularly to help maintain efficiency with your business that you could recommend to others?

Infusionsoft for CRM. We also use Data Rooms to store and track client information. Oh, and a lot of DropBox and electronic signatures saves time.


7. What are your predictions for the future of your industry?

Growth within a new legal framework that Congress is currently drafting.

8. What are your predictions for Fort Worth, and how do you see those impacting your business?

Fort Worth will continue to grow and provide opportunities for entrepreneurs.


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