Entrepreneurial Journey – Stephen Fitzwater

Business Name

Modern Lantern

Full Name

Stephen Fitzwater

Title / Role in the Business

Co owner – President

ML - Headshot - Cropped

Stephan & Carrie Fitzwater, founders of Modern Lantern


1. When did you first identify as an entrepreneur? What was the venture?

Starting Modern Lantern, cordless lighting solutions.

2. What lessons learned from past experiences have helped shape your business today?

Don’t take no for an answer, work hard, and continue to find time to learn.

3. What inspired you to start this business?

My wife, Carrie (also Co owner) kept coming across the problem of needing lamp placement in living areas where no outlets were available. With our design and product development experience we thought we could more than adequately address this problem and this void in the marketplace.

4. How has your personal journey as a business owner helped you relate to other entrepreneurs?

Common struggle of managing time, money (or lack of), and contacts or connections to aid in growing your business.


5. What advice can you share for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Create a business plan (doesn’t have to be lengthy) and get outside impressions from more than your family and friends about the business’s viability. Prototype and test early and often, and come in with twice as much patience and money you think you might need!

6. What are some tools that you use regularly to help maintain efficiency with your business that you could recommend to others?

Where to start? google analytics, social media, quickbooks (hate it! but need it), contacts, shopify ecommerce platform and all the 3rd party plug ins that are available with it, incubator spaces and the volunteers that come with it, etc


7. What are your predictions for the future of your industry?

Smart device connectivity and wireless charging!

8. What are your predictions for Fort Worth, and how do you see those impacting your business?

Fort Worth is on a residential growing spree, so businesses will follow. We hope to grow our business and employ right here in Fort Worth!


Check out all the latest Modern Lantern news on their blog. Loads of fun design inspiration!

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