Champion for a Cause

People with an entrepreneurial personality feed that spirit in multiple ways; one trait that ties us together is being life-long learners. Entrepreneurs can learn from anyone. They can be educated almost anywhere if they choose to look.

This was reinforced earlier this month at IDEA Works FW, when we hosted Ann Louden from Texas Christian University for our Great Ideas series. Ann also is the founder/creator/director/marketer/champion of Frogs for the Cure…an entrepreneur that serves as the champion for a cause.

Great Ideas with Ann Louden
Great Ideas is an event series consisting of fireside chats with thought leaders, business leaders and visionaries that explore the pathways of ideas and what makes them great. During our past Great Ideas events with John Roach, Dave Lieber and Sunny Vanderbeck, I kept a running list of the nuggets of wisdom openly shared and passed on to the intimate crowd that fills our co-working space.

Looking back at my notes from the Loudon conversation moderated by Kristin Sullivan from the University of Texas at Arlington, I counted 15 major points within an hour shared through her stories! Words like excellent, inspiring and amazing come to mind. If I could have bottled up the energy in the room at the end of the event, we could have powered a startup team to launch.

Top Nuggets of Wisdom from Ann Louden

1) Tap into the power of your network.

Always keep in mind the multiplier effect of reaching out to the people you know to connect to those that they know. Relationship building is key when operating with limited resources. Don’t hesitate to call on favors.

2) Don’t take “no” for an answer.

This one is familiar to many entrepreneurs that are working to grow companies. Ann hit home just how important persistence is to reaching the goals you have set. If your passion aligns with the organization’s mission there is no way you can accept “no” as the final answer. You will face hurdles, but ask yourself “what can I learn and add to my skills that get us over this hurdle,” or sometimes, a wall.

3) Be able to identify opportunities and take advantage of them.

Hesitation leads to missed opportunities. Jump on them. Explore them and be adaptable through the process. Risk is inherent to being the champion for a cause. Champions should strive toward action and not get lost in analysis.

A strong storyteller such as Ann can make the behind-the-scenes of a music video shoot an inspiring tale of facing challenges that light the fire within the listener to believe and know that they too will get over their hurdles.

Thank you Ann for sharing your time, tales and talents with us at IDEA Works FW. We will be sporting the pink and Go Frogs!

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